How Anti-Splash Urinal Screens Can Eliminate Odors without Obnoxious Added Scents

Have you ever walked into a men’s restroom, and been hit in the face with an obnoxious, artificial-smelling perfume? One of the main culprits for heavy, artificial scents are traditional urinal cakes. Since urinal cakes are designed to manage the smell of urine, they are often overdone, and downright unpleasant to smell. Furthermore, if a urinal cake is reaching the end of its short useable life, it can start to smell like a mixture of the artificial scent and urine – even more unpleasant! Adam’s Leaf has reengineered the modern urinal screen to work better, and eliminate obnoxious odors from the mix. Here’s how it works:


One of the fundamental advantages of Adam’s Leaf anti-splash urinal screens is the ability to prevent splashing, urine build-up, and unpleasant odors – all from a single-piece design. Our urinal screens work to effectively divert all spray away from the user, and ensure it all pools to the bottom, before being effectively flushed away. This helps both prevent unpleasant splash-back, and ensure no residual urine is left on the screen or surrounding areas. Adam’s Leaf design ensures everything stays within the urinal, and is completely washed away once flushed.

No Artificial Scents  

While other companies mask odors with heavy perfumes, our advancements in design allow for a better working product that prevents nasty odors from occurring in the first place. Since scented urinal cakes need to be replaced frequently, Adam’s Leaf can also help your facilities reduce costs.

Lowered Environmental Impact

Compared to traditional urinal cakes and screens, Adam’s Leaf is far more effective, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. Here are some key environmental advantages to using Adam’s Leaf:

  • No artificial scents = No harmful VOCs released into the environment
  • Effective 3-5 years – generate less waste over time
  • Uses EcoPure material – designed to degrade in a landfill within 5 years

Sick of wasting money on less effective urinal cakes and screens? Consider the cost savings, improved environmental impact, and improved user-experience offered with Adam’s Leaf. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (402) 681-2831, fill out a contact form, or explore our online store today!