Eco Friendly
| Adam’s Leaf

Adam’s Leaf makes bathroom urinal supplies that matter. Our eco friendly bathroom products & accessories last longer than the competitors while also breaking down in a landfill faster than any before. We believe making a better product can make a difference in our world.


Why do eco friendly bathroom products matter?

At Adam’s Leaf we set out to make a product that improves the public restroom experience for men all over. Our leaf was shaped specifically to reduce the splash back produced by using any urinal. The outward design has two main purposes: to keep you and your clothing clean and to help keep the bathroom floor clean. This effectively keeps both you and the bathroom pleasant for the next people you interact with.

So, if we have the perfect design why not just stop there?! Other bathroom urinal supplies say they reduce splash too. We’ll let you decide for yourself how accurate their statements are. If other brands claim they do the same thing we do, why don’t we add one more feather in our cap. Why not add Adam’s Leaf to the list of eco friendly bathroom products?

We accomplished this on two fronts. First, we made the Adam’s Leaf last longer while in use. Our urinal screens routinely last years at a time without breaking down. Secondly, Adam’s Leaf offers scent protection without harmful added chemicals. Other brands use perfumes or urinal cakes, which are  with volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Eventually these scented products wear off and the product is discarded – allowing harmful VOCs to leak into our environment. Adam’s Leaf works without the need for VOCs or any added scents.

The Adam’s leaf is shaped to stop the pooling effect and cleans itself with a simple rinse during a flush or a wipe during routine toilet cleaning. Because of this Adam’s Leaf can last longer in your urinal, with effectiveness lasting between 3-5 years! Secondly, Adam’s Leaf uses a biodegradable material called EcoPure®, designed to completely degrade once disposed of in a landfill within just 5 years. This means that the Adam’s Leaf lasts longer where it’s meant to and has a shorter life in a landfill than any other product – making it the best eco-friendly bathroom accessory on the market. Just think about the money you will save by not needing to replace your current urinal screen on a weekly or monthly basis. Now think of all that plastic stacked up in a landfill from all the urinals all over. At Adam’s Leaf, we are out to change the world, one bathroom at a time.

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