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10% of our profits are donated to homeless shelters in cities across the USA

When you care about your guests, Adam’s Leaf is a better way to GO!

There is nothing fun about using the restroom at a local restaurant or store, just to realize the urinal screen caused splash-back on your legs and pants. Talk about disgusting and a little embarrassing! Adam’s Leaf® was invented to eliminate this very frustration. Our unique cloverleaf design took years to perfect and is the perfect solution to both prevent splash-back and eliminate odors from residual urine. How do we do it? It comes down to design.

Our urinal splash screens use a combination of design and material coatings to ensure all urine stays in the toilet and will be cleared once you flush. With this design, we have eliminated smelly urine that often pools in conventional urine screens. This allows all Adam’s Leaf urinal splash screens to be installed without the need for heavy, obnoxious scents used to cover up urine smell. Through our innovative design, we have truly created a urinal splash screen that is far more pleasant to use.

Along with a commitment to comfort, we focus a lot of our efforts on ensuring our product is better for the environment. Adam’s Leaf® is made in the USA and contains recycled materials and a special additive, EcoPure®, which makes it certified as ASTMD 5511(biodegradable)* by independent testing labs. Going the extra mile to produce products with, environmentally-friendly materials is part of our commitment to making a better splash-proof urinal screen.

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