There’s Nothing Appetizing About Urinal Cakes! Why Are They in Your Restaurant Restroom? Upgrade Today with Adam’s Leaf

Picture yourself on a hot date, at the nicest restaurant in town. The service, food, staff, and ambiance are a cut-above the rest – marking a truly special occasion for you and your partner. Once you get up to use the restroom, however, you notice a significant downgrade. Dirty mirrors, broken or empty paper towel dispensers, and obnoxious smelling urinal cakes and screens that cause splash back while in use. No matter how great the restaurant, an unkept restroom can ruin your appetite and overall experience. Not to mention, splash back on your pants is embarrassing! This is where Adam’s Leaf urinal screens can help.

A Better Restroom Experience 

Adam’s Leaf uses a combination of innovative design and long-lasting materials to create a urinal screen that is unscented, splash-proof, and self-cleaning – for up to 3-5 year of continuous use. Our anti-splash urinal screens are a commercial restroom accessory designed to eliminate the unpleasant experience of traditional urinal cakes and screens, without losing any of the functionality. The unique design of Adam’s Leaf allows for all liquid to flow downwards, without the possibility of it splashing back onto the user. Additionally, our design allows for the screen to be thoroughly cleaned with each flush – eliminating urine pooling and unpleasant smells. No need for obnoxious perfumes with harmful VOCs!

Eco-Conscious Performance

In addition to long-lasting performance, Adam’s Leaf urinal screens are constructed with environmentally-friendly materials. Our EcoPure material biodegrades after just 5 years in a landfill.  Check out Independent Laboratory Decomposition Data for Adam’s Leaf here. Our mission is to produce the very best urinal screens on the market, focused on functionality, value, and sustainability.

Don’t let your restroom facilities ruin the experience for your customers! Upgrade to Adam’s Leaf today!

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