Reasons to Steer-Clear of Traditional Urinal Cakes and Screens

Wasteful, perfume-heavy, and ineffective – traditional urinal cakes and screens are on their way out! Explore a long-lasting, green alternative with Adam’s Leaf.

Reasons to Steer-Clear of Traditional Urinal Cakes and Screens

For many of us, public restroom accessories like soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and urinal screens are products we expect to work, but never put much thought into. Unfortunately, many restrooms across the nation suffer from the same common issues. Empty soap dispensers, broken automatic paper towel machines, and disgusting urinal screens – an entire customer experience can be ruined by just one trip to the bathroom. Adam’s Leaf hopes to change the way we think about the modern public restroom, with our innovative, long-lasting, eco-friendly urinal screen.

Short Useable Life

So, what’s the problem with traditional urinal cakes and screens? The answer to this question has many parts. For one, these products are often cheaply manufactured, with a short lifespan. Depending on the traffic levels at your public restroom, a typical lower-end urinal cake and screen can last for only a week or two, compared to Adam’s Leaf’s 3-5 year lifespan. Continuously replacing your urinal cakes and screens can result in a substantial amount of unneeded plastic waste, along with excessive material cost for your business.

Obnoxious Perfumes and VOCs

Have you ever visited the restroom and been slapped in the face with a heavy, artificial chemical smell? It was likely the urinal cake! Overly powerful scented urinal cakes may mask odors temporarily, but quickly become unpleasant overtime. Not to mention, chemical agents used in these perfumes often contain volatile chemical compounds (VOCs) that can leak into our environment once discarded. Adam’s Leaf uses no added scents or chemicals, and is designed to avoid urine pooling and effectively rinse itself with each flush. This adds up to a splash-proof urinal screen that is effective, and scent-free!


No one likes to talk about it, but urine splash-back is a real and disgusting problem in many male public restrooms. Not only is the experience incredibly unpleasant, it can also expose you to bacteria and viruses that can make you sick! While many urinal screens and cakes are designed poorly and installed haphazardly, Adam’s Leaf is specifically designed to eliminate splash-back from every angle. This leads to a more pleasant experience for the customer, and less mess for janitorial staff to clean up.

Adam’s Leaf is proud to produce a better, more eco-friendly men’s urinal screen. Combining long-lasting performance, with biodegradable materials make us the best urinal screen on the market. Want to learn more? Give us a call at (402) 681-2831, fill out a contact form, or explore our online store today!