The world’s first splash-less, scent-free, biodegradable urinal screen


Say Hello to the Future

about the product


  • Cutting Edge Design
  • No Added Chemical Scents
  • Lasts up to 3-5 Years
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Made in the USA

We believe you will appreciate the effectiveness and unique design of Adam’s Leaf® and so will your guests and clients.

Long Lasting

Adam’s Leaf® anti-splash urinal screen will last a long time and not break down or become less effective in the bowl. Each unit can last between 3-5 years! Our competitors may be cheaper, but our product will outlast them and save you money in the long run.


We have nothing to hide. There is no need to add scents or perfumes that are usually found on men’s urinal screens. Why is this? Our design allows for all urine to flow right off, leaving no residual urine that our competitors cover up with strong, awful-smelling scents. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Giving Back

Adam’s Leaf® is very concerned about the homelessness in this country. For that reason, we are going to donate 10% of our profits to your local homeless shelters. We value and care about every person in this country. Promoting health and well-being is our number one priority.


Each Adam’s Leaf® no splash urinal screen is made using recycled materials and EcoPure® – a high-quality, biodegradable plastic. View Independent Laboratory Decomposition Data for Adam’s Leaf®.


Our customers using Adam’s Leaf® have noticed no urine splatter on the floor around the urinals, which improves bathroom hygiene and comfort.


As proud Americans, we assure you that Adam’s Leaf® splash-proof urinal screens are manufactured in the USA. We want you to know that our workers, our citizens, and our people will always come first.

The Modern Urinal Screen

Adam’s Leaf® is designed to easily fit into any men’s urinal and eliminate backsplash. The Adam’s Leaf® anti-splash urinal screen’s distinct design prevents that problem entirely.

Adam’s Leaf® is made in the USA and contains recycled materials and a special additive, EcoPure®, which makes it environmentally friendly. Products made with this compound have been certified as ASTMD 5511(biodegradable) by independent testing labs confirming our commitment to the environment.

View Independent Laboratory Decomposition Data for Adam’s Leaf®

Adam’s Leaf® will not decompose during use, and a single anti-splash urinal screen will remain effective for 3-5 years!

No added chemical scents or perfumes are needed in the making of Adam’s Leaf® since the design of the screen does not cause pooling of leftover urine in the bowl, as do standard urinal screens.

The absence of these overpowering scents makes Adam’s Leaf® more friendly to the environment.

We believe you will appreciate the effectiveness and unique design of Adam’s Leaf® and so will your guests and clients.



Everyone appreciates a clean public bathroom. I want to walk into a men’s room with a clean floor around the urinal and no awful perfume smell designed to hide the splashed urine. I’d like to come away with a feeling of this being like my bathroom at home. I’m very impressed when I visit a restaurant, merchant, or sports arena with clean men’s room floors with no odors. Unfortunately, many public bathrooms are unsafe, with wet floors covered in urine. This tells us that restaurant owners don’t truly value the health and comfort of their guests. This frustration is the exact inspiration that brought Adam’s Leaf® from concept to reality. When you see them in any men’s rooms you visit, you know the owners value their customer’s overall experience.

Going with Adam’s Leaf has been the easiest decision ever. The function, looks, and compliments from customers have been nothing but positive. The product works great and the amount of splashing urine on our floors has been completely eliminated. I have worked around golf courses and had to clean bathrooms since I was 13 years old. This product is a game changer that works.
— Anthony Driscoll, Head Golf Professional, Bent Tree Golf Club
Omaha Country Club has been using the Adam's Leaf urinal insert by Custom Hygienics for several months and are very pleased with the performance of this product. It is designed to reduce messes and eliminate the need for perfumes. It fits our many different models of urinals and they are easy to clean. We are also happy with the biodegradable nature if this product.
— Roger Bacon, Manager, Omaha Country Club